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Rules of Chess:

A game of chess starts in this position:

Notice the square of the queen matches the piece.  In other words, a white queen goes onto a white square.  In Wacky Chess - a green square is a white square, and a blue square is a black square.  Notice that a blue square MUST be at the bottom-left corner everytime you start a game!  It's very important especially for the expert chess player.

A pawn can move three possible ways.

A.  At it's initial position at the 2nd row for white, and the 7th row for black, a pawn may move two spaces.

B.  Once it moves from it's initial position, a pawn is down to two possible moves.  The first one is moving forward one space.

C.  The second possible move is capturing.  A pawn can capture one of two ways.  The traditional way is to move one space forward AND one space left or right PROVIDED A PIECE IS THERE!  If a piece is not there, a pawn may not make this move.

The unique way has this situation:  If a pawn moves up two spaces, the opponent can capture the pawn immediatly as if it moved one space.  However, the opponent only has one chance to do so.  This is known as en passant, or in passing.  The pawn is the only piece who is able to en passant.

This picture shows a normal capture:

Before capture:

After capture:

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